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Funeral Rule

You have Options!

The FTC Funeral Rule

The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), makes it possible for you to choose only those goods and services you want or need and to pay only for those you select, whether you are making arrangements when a death occurs or in advance. The Rule allows you to compare prices among funeral homes, and makes it possible for you to select the funeral arrangements you want at the home you use. (The Rule does not apply to third-party sellers, such as casket and monument dealers, or to cemeteries that lack an on-site funeral home.)

Your Rights Under the Funeral Rule
The Funeral Rule gives you the right to:

Buy only the funeral arrangements you want. You have the right to buy separate goods (such as caskets) and services (such as embalming or a memorial service). You do not have to accept a package that may include items you do not want.
Get price information on the telephone. Funeral directors must give you price information on the telephone if you ask for it. You don’t have to give them your name, address, or telephone number first. Although they are not required to do so, many funeral homes mail their price lists, and some post them online.
Get a written, itemized price list when you visit a funeral home. The funeral home must give you a General Price List (GPL) that is yours to keep. It lists all the items and services the home offers, and the cost of each one.
See a written casket price list before you see the actual caskets. Sometimes, detailed casket price information is included on the funeral home’s GPL. More often, though, it’s provided on a separate casket price list. Get the price information before you see the caskets, so that you can ask about lower-priced products that may not be on display.
See a written outer burial container price list. Outer burial containers are not required by state law anywhere in the U.S., but many cemeteries require them to prevent the grave from caving in. If the funeral home sells containers, but doesn’t list their prices on the GPL, you have the right to look at a separate container price list before you see the containers. If you don’t see the lower-priced containers listed, ask about them.
Receive a written statement after you decide what you want, and before you pay. It should show exactly what you are buying and the cost of each item. The funeral home must give you a statement listing every good and service you have selected, the price of each, and the total cost immediately after you make the arrangements.
Get an explanation in the written statement from the funeral home that describes any legal cemetery or crematory requirement that requires you to buy any funeral goods or services.
Use an “alternative container” instead of a casket for cremation. No state or local law requires the use of a casket for cremation. A funeral home that offers cremations must tell you that alternative containers are available, and must make them available. They might be made of unfinished wood, pressed wood, fiberboard, or cardboard.
Provide the funeral home with a casket or urn you buy elsewhere. The funeral provider cannot refuse to handle a casket or urn you bought online, at a local casket store, or somewhere else — or charge you a fee to do it. The funeral home cannot require you to be there when the casket or urn is delivered to them.
Make funeral arrangements without embalming. No state law requires routine embalming for every death. Some states require embalming or refrigeration if the body is not buried or cremated within a certain time; some states don’t require it at all. In most cases, refrigeration is an acceptable alternative. In addition, you may choose services like direct cremation and immediate burial, which don’t require any form of preservation. Many funeral homes have a policy requiring embalming if the body is to be publicly viewed, but this is not required by law in most states. Ask if the funeral home offers private family viewing without embalming. If some form of preservation is a practical necessity, ask the funeral home if refrigeration is available.

According to the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule:

You have the right to choose the funeral goods and services you want (with some exceptions). The funeral provider may not refuse, or charge a fee, to handle a casket you purchased elsewhere. The funeral provider must state this in writing on the general price list.

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Watch out for High shipping costs!

Be aware of hidden shipping charges from similar companies if you are considering ordering direct via the internet; prices may appear lower until all fees are disclosed.

Say goodbye to your loved ones with respect and dignity, but do so affordably. The last thing anyone wants to worry about after the loss of a loved one is the high cost of final expenses. Funeral directors know this $$$$, and inflate their prices knowing that their customers will not be inclined to complain. Our line of caskets are priced far lower about 85% than what you'll find at the funeral home, and offer a much wider selection. The model styles we offer will allow you to choose a final resting place that will best reflect the personality and style of your dearly departed.

How to Save on a Funeral

Be aware of funeral home package deals. They have raised fees and lowered casket prices to force you in a package deal. Don’t fall for this you should contact the Federal Trade Commission in file a compliant 877-382-4357

NEVER mention us until after the bill is written.
Some funeral homes have two price lists - which is illegal. If they even think you may provide your own casket they may give you the price list with the higher fees to offset their expected loss. You should negotiate pricing before you tell them you will supply your own casket.

After you get the total bill in writing (with their casket price), then its ok to let them know you will supply your own. This is the only true way to realize your savings. If they change any initial prices, then call the FTC, because that is highly illegal! Federal Trade Commission: 877-382-4357.

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