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For Memorials Call Leila. 281-732-7529

WEBB Caskets

Click the products above to select from our  full line of caskets. 

Choose from our expanded selection of Premium Stainless Steel,

18 and 20 Gauge Steel and Solid Hardwood Caskets.

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Webb Discount Caskets in Houston, Texas, offers discount caskets and memorial markers in Houston, Texas. Schedule an appointment and come talk with us about your needs, and the options offered to you with our affordable caskets, urns, and memorial markers. 

Webb Caskets provide the highest quality caskets in the funeral and cremation industry. Funeral homes often have high prices for the  workmanship and quality of these Ambassador caskets. At Webb Discount Caskets you save about 85% over your local Funeral Home.

Our Price includes inspection against loose parts and tightening of parts before going out for delivery.

Funeral homes aren’t responsible if casket from third party is not inspected before arriving at funeral home.

Cloisonne Urns
The cloisonne urn is an ancient art form developed by the French and perfected by the Chinese. Made from brass, copper and colored enamel, cloisonn is crafted by hand, and the finished item is fired in a kiln and gilded. Because of this meticulous process, every cloisonne piece is a beautiful, durable, and unique work of art.

To view all our caskets and urn styles go to products and click on tab. 

We carry 20 gauge oversize caskets 28'' 33'' 36''

Discount Caskets
We offer several styles of caskets including: The Ambassador 18 gauge and 20 gauge steel.


  Call Sidney (713) 834-2453

Funeral homes have long been accused of taking advantage of their customers, who are forced to make a series of expensive decisions in the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s death, when they’re extraordinarily vulnerable. And a recent investigation by the Federal Trade Commission finds that — despite frequent crackdowns — deceptive and manipulative practices continue at a strikingly high percentage of funeral homes here in Houston, Texas: Buy direct from your local Casket store and save 85% on your casket purchase. Skip the  Funeral Home's selection room and purchase your casket local. Do not fall for the funeral home "discount" scam or "packages." Request the General Price List (GPL).  This helps reveal the REAL casket pricing from the funeral home. 

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We Personally Deliver each casket

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Let us help you save money on funeral expenses with our line of discount funeral caskets in Houston, Texas.